Scam Alerts

Be aware of missed call scam, using overseas number

From the ABC, but further information go to scamwatch: Call back at your own risk Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) deputy chair Delia Rickard said Scamwatch received reports of similar scams last year, but only three involved phone calls from Ascension Island. She said it was likely the Carrington family were victims of a […]

The Age: More on Tax & Bitcoin Scam

From today’s age: Don’t be afraid to hang up. Victorians have been warned against a cryptocurrency scam after fraudsters posing as debt collectors convinced victims to deposit more than $50,000 into a bitcoin ATM. The victims, who are all from the eastern suburbs and believed to be migrants, were told they would be arrested if […]

Protect your privacy: ATO warns about scammers

It is imperative that you keep your personal information secure, the ATO has released another warning about increased scam activity this year. From the ATO Scammers frequently claim to be from the ATO and according to Ms Anderson, you should be wary of any phone call, text message, email, or letter about a tax refund […]