When is cash not cash? Ensure your cash investment option is what you think.

If you have read a financial report or have done some bookkeeping you may find the account “Cash and cash equivalents” you may know it may not be actual cash but in simple terms behaves very similarly to money. If you have some element of your superannuation or other managed investment monies allocated to the […]

Finance drives everything — including your insecurity at work

An excellent article by Professor David Peetz and puts in focus the need to find your financial journey in this world. From the conversation: There’s a common link between the many things that have promoted insecurity at work: the growth of franchising; labour hire; contracting out; spin-off firms; outsourcing; global supply chains; the gig economy; […]

Financial Elder Abuse: what it may look like and where to go

For many this is an incredibly difficult and sometimes embarrassing issue, here is some important information which may help: From CPA Australia: The World Health Organisation defines financial abuse of an older person as, “The illegal or improper exploitation or use of funds or other resources of the older person”. The definition includes acts with […]

Minimum pension payments for 2018 FY & 2019 FY

Minimum annual pension payments (account-based pensions) – 2018/2019 year, and 2017/2018 year Age of pension account-holder Percentage factors Under 65 4% 65 to 74 5% 75 to 79 6% 80 to 84 7% 85 to 89 9% 90 to 94 11% Aged 95 or older 14% Note: Amount calculated on 1 July each year, unless first […]

Financial Planning

We believe that wealth that is an abundance of all good things. Wealth creation through the financial planning process is your ability to obtain more freedom. From purchasing your first home, educating the kids to planning for retirement and beyond, we believe our financial planning advice can make a positive impact on you and your […]