Act Now: Family assistance payments

From the Department of Human Services: 1. Confirm your family’s income If you got FTB during the 2017-18 financial year, you may still need to confirm your family’s income details. Do this by lodging a tax return or telling us you don’t need to lodge one. Your partner will also need to do the same. […]

Bitcoin, cryptos and your taxes

The central premise to be “outside of the central banking monetary system” and the “way of the future”. If you own or are thinking to own cryptocurrencies, you should not be confused with that those that disagree with Bitcoin being money and those people not understanding it. They do, especially the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) […]

Financial Elder Abuse: what it may look like and where to go

For many this is an incredibly difficult and sometimes embarrassing issue, here is some important information which may help: From CPA Australia: The World Health Organisation defines financial abuse of an older person as, “The illegal or improper exploitation or use of funds or other resources of the older person”. The definition includes acts with […]

Individual tax and Centrelink

Our clients benefit from the time we take to ensure they understand their tax obligations and the care we take with each personal situation.

Financial Planning

We believe that wealth that is an abundance of all good things. Wealth creation through the financial planning process is your ability to obtain more freedom. From purchasing your first home, educating the kids to planning for retirement and beyond, we believe our financial planning advice can make a positive impact on you and your […]